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version 2.0 beta | free 2d mmorpg maker

Eclipse is a long standing community based around online game development, specifically MMORPGs. To aid people in their projects we offer a full set of programs and resources that, when taken full advantage of, will allow you to create your own fantastic online world. This includes a central piece of software called the ‘Eclipse Origins Game Engine’ which is an MMORPG Maker. This little beauty can be used to create an online RPG (aka, MMORPG) all by itself. It has everything you could possibly need – and it’s open source! If you find that Origins doesn’t have everything you need then you can simply pop it open in Visual Basic 6.0 and get to work adding in your own exciting systems.


Directional blocking.

You can find a layer in the map editor which allows you to set the individual blocking of directions within a tile! Perfect for setting up a cliff or something where you need walkable tiles situated next to each other without players being able to walk between them.

Player-to-player trading.

Allow your players to trade items with each other! Want to buy someone’s Pants of Fire for 2000 gold pieces? Simply request a trade! Want to give your friend some extra Potions of Fortitude whilst in a dungeon? Simply request a trade!

Dynamic Maps.

You can easily change the size of individual maps by going to the map editor’s map properties pop-up and changing the MapX and MapY values!

Dynamic character sprites.

Origins will automatically calculate the size of any character sprite you have in your folder! Individual NPCs and PCs can be any size you want!

Drag + drop visual inventory.

Sick of old Eclipse’s static, unwieldy and memory-hogging inventory system? So was I! So I developed (And by developed I mean I stole it from Jake. <3) a brand new drag & drop inventory system! I also added animated items for you all. Simply put multiple frames in the item’s BMP file and it’ll automatically animate both in the inventory and on the map.

Complete resource system.

Create a wide array of different types of harvestable resources! You can make anything from mining spots to trees!

RMXP style editor suite.

An easy user-interface is a very important part of any engine, and is something I feel that Eclipse has been missing for a long time. I’ve re-designed all of the game editors to be much, much easier to use!

Byte array packets with enumerated headers sent via WinSock.

The old versions of Eclipse have been using a horrible IOCP system that is cursed with a horrible memory leak which will cause even the most powerful machine to die after just a few days of hosting. Origins goes back to our good ol’ friend WinSock! And with a nice new packet system which is much easier on your bandwidth.

Properly managed memory for graphics.

Graphics are now split up into different sheets and the engine manages its memory properly, purging any graphics not used and only loading graphics when they’re needed.

Admin menu.

An in-built menu which serves as a hub for all the tools and commands your administrators and moderators may need! It allows you to spawn items, kick trouble makers and access the game editors.

Dual-layer animations.

Old Eclipse engines have terrible animation systems, with restrictive sizes and frame counts. Origins allows you to have animations of any size and any frame count, and each animation plays dual-layer, allowing you to set animations to play below or above the middle buffer!


A very simple feature which shows blood on splatter over the floor during combat!

Full spell system.

Old Eclipse versions have been using the same old outdated spell system that was developed years ago. Origins brings on a fantastic new system complete with cooldowns, cast times, animations, area of effect & spell icons!

Visual shop system.

Origins’ shop system allows both players to buy items from NPC shops as well as sell them back! The shop editor allows you to set base buy rates so you can easily create a micro-economy where players can shop around for the best deal on their items! A must have for any serious game.

download – runtime files installer (size: 2.34 mb)

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