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[review] iPad 4G: what’s in a name

Apple has reportedly agreed to refund buyers of the new iPad in Australia who are disappointed to find it does not offer 4G speeds. The company may face similar problems in Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The 4G feature on the new model only works on specific wireless frequencies, namely 700MHz and 2100MHz. Those aren’t used for 4G (LTE) services in all countries, such as Australia which uses 1800MHz. Buyers there have found the 4G version of the iPad automatically switches to a 3G connection — faster than the cheaper version of the new iPad, but considerably slower than 4G.

What makes things more confusing is that in all countries the more expensive model is dubbed the “WiFi + 4G.” However, at launch time it appears Apple didn’t make the compatibility issue entirely clear on its website for Australian visitors, instead simply including a note inside the packaging itself.

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[review] the playstation 4 maybe called Orbis

I don’t know who this Truss Ted Source is but this guy has it going on. He just knows EVERYTHING about everything that isn’t out yet.

Well Ted, as he likes to be called, has spilled the news on the next generation Playstation 4 console, and it appears that Sony will be ditching their longstanding love of numerical nomenclature by calling this new platform the Orbis, which may or may not be pictured below. Probably not.

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[review] google could sell own tablet

Google has given up on its plans to rethink the way branding and distribution works in the portable gadget market. But the move could be bad news for rival companies and partners alike.

According to Wall Street Journal sources, Google is going to set up its own online store for tablet computers to sell direct to the public, likely in a more explicit and prominent manner than the way it sold the Nexus One smartphone (known unofficially as the Google Phone.)

Not only that, but for the first time Google will explicitly market tablet computers under its own brand name, rather than simply leave manufacturers to use the Android system under their own name. It appears Google won’t be making the devices themselves, but they will be co-branded with the name of the manufacturer, which could include Asus and Samsung. It’s not known at this stage how the Google takeover of Motorola fits into the picture.

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[video] perpetual ocean


This visualization shows ocean surface currents around the world during the period from June 2005 through December 2007. The visualization does not include a narration or annotations; the goal was to use ocean flow data to create a simple, visceral experience.

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